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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual ER and How Does It Work?

A Virtual ER is an online platform offering emergency medical consultations with healthcare professionals. It works by connecting patients with medical experts via video conferencing, allowing for immediate medical advice and treatment guidance from the comfort of your home.

How Do I Access the Virtual ER Services?

Accessing Virtual ER services is simple: visit our website and book an appointment or use our on-demand service. You'll need a stable internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone, like a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

What Should I Expect During a Virtual ER Visit?

During a virtual ER visit, you'll have a video consultation with a healthcare provider. They will assess your symptoms, provide a diagnosis, discuss treatment options, and prescribe medication if necessary. The visit is confidential and follows standard medical protocols.

What Types of Medical Conditions Can Be Treated Through a Virtual ER?

Our Virtual ER is equipped to handle a range of non-life-threatening medical conditions such as minor injuries, allergic reactions, mild infections, and common illnesses. For severe or life-threatening conditions, please visit a physical ER immediately.

Can Virtual ERs Prescribe Medication?

Yes, our licensed medical professionals can prescribe medications as needed. Prescriptions can be sent directly to your preferred pharmacy for your convenience, except for controlled substances which may have restrictions.

Are Virtual ER Visits Covered by Insurance?

Coverage for virtual ER visits varies by insurance provider and plan. We recommend checking with your insurance company beforehand. For those without coverage, we offer transparent pricing options for our services.

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