Embrace essential healthcare with our Standard Plan, designed for individuals seeking reliable and convenient telemedicine access. Enjoy unlimited virtual consultations, 24/7 emergency support, and basic health monitoring. Perfect for those who value quality care in a cost-effective package.

What’s included?

Appointments available 24/7
1 appointment per month
Designed for individuals
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$ 59.00 USD
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What is included in my plan?

Are you seeking dependable, everyday health care without hassle? Our Standard Plan is designed with your core health needs in mind.

• Unlimited Virtual Consultations: Access medical advice anytime, anywhere.

• 24/7 Emergency Support: Immediate care when you need it most.

• Basic Health Monitoring: Keep track of your essential health parameters.

• Prescription Services: Convenient prescription management and renewals.

• User-Friendly Platform: Easy access through our app or website.

What Happens if I Don't Use My Appointments:

Unused appointments? No worries! We'll roll them over to the next month, ensuring you get the full value of your plan.

Get Instant 24/7 Urgent Care Online.