Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine expert focused on chronic disease and preventative care.

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About the doctor

Dr. Elijah Turner, an accomplished Internal Medicine Physician, has been an integral part of Virtual ER's medical team, providing expert care to adults across Texas. Dr. Turner's medical journey began at the Morehouse School of Medicine, followed by a residency at Baylor College of Medicine, where he trained under some of the brightest minds in medicine.

Since joining Virtual ER in 2010, Dr. Turner has been a beacon of comprehensive care and patient advocacy. He offers extensive expertise in managing a wide array of complex health conditions that affect adults, from hypertension and diabetes to respiratory disorders and infectious diseases.

Dr. Turner's approach to internal medicine is rooted in a philosophy that patient education and preventative care are the keystones of health. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the patient's entire health history and lifestyle, enabling him to provide care that is as proactive as it is reactive. His skillful use of telemedicine technology allows for continuity of care that is critical for the management of chronic conditions.

As an African American doctor, Dr. Turner is particularly attuned to the healthcare disparities that affect minority communities. He is dedicated to ensuring that all his patients have equal access to quality care, regardless of their background. His commitment extends to actively working on community health initiatives and research aimed at reducing those disparities.

Dr. Turner is not only a clinician but also a mentor and leader. He is involved in various professional organizations, contributing to policy development to advance telehealth and internal medicine practices. He often speaks at conferences, sharing his knowledge on patient care in the digital age and the future of healthcare delivery.

His patients praise him for his thoroughness, the ease with which he builds trusting relationships, and his ability to tailor treatments to fit their unique needs. They value his responsiveness and the convenience of accessing his medical advice via Virtual ER's platform, which they credit for improving their health and well-being.

An award-winning physician, Dr. Turner's accolades reflect his dedication to excellence in medicine and his role in shaping the future of patient-centered care. He believes in leveraging technology to enhance patient-physician interactions and to provide a healthcare experience that is both effective and personal.

At Virtual ER, Dr. Turner is known for his warm demeanor, clinical acumen, and unwavering dedication to his patients. He takes pride in his work, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of care and attention they deserve.

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