Dr. Washington

Dr. Washington


Devoted Pediatrician enhancing child health with comprehensive virtual care.

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About the doctor

Dr. Tamara Washington has dedicated her career to the health and well-being of children as a respected Pediatrician at Virtual ER. Her extensive education began with a Bachelor's degree in Biology, followed by a medical degree from the prestigious Howard University College of Medicine, culminating in a dynamic residency in Pediatrics at Texas Children's Hospital.

Since joining Virtual ER in 2010, Dr. Washington has provided compassionate, comprehensive care to children of all ages, from infancy through adolescence. She is deeply committed to addressing the full spectrum of pediatric care, which includes growth and development monitoring, acute illness management, chronic disease care, and preventive health education.

Dr. Washington brings a warm, empathetic approach to her virtual practice, ensuring that each child and family receives personalized attention. She is an advocate for childhood health and nutrition and has been instrumental in developing community outreach programs to promote wellness and disease prevention among young populations.

With a heart for service and a mind for clinical excellence, Dr. Washington has become a pillar of pediatric health in the telemedicine community. She is passionate about using technology to break down the barriers to healthcare access, particularly for underserved communities. Her research into pediatric telehealth has contributed to the field's understanding of virtual care's efficacy and potential.

As an African American physician, Dr. Washington is acutely aware of the nuances and sensitivities involved in caring for a diverse patient population. She emphasizes cultural competence in her practice and is active in mentoring young doctors from minority backgrounds, understanding the importance of diversity in healthcare.

Her work with Virtual ER is characterized by an innovative spirit and a commitment to the highest standards of pediatric care. Dr. Washington's patients benefit from her dedication to staying abreast of the latest in pediatric treatment and her ability to convey complex medical information in a friendly, understandable manner.

Dr. Washington's professional affiliations include the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Texas Pediatric Society, where she is lauded for her contributions to advancing telemedicine in pediatric healthcare. She regularly engages in speaking engagements and writes articles that educate both the medical community and the public on the importance of early life healthcare.

In recognition of her efforts, Dr. Washington has received numerous awards and honors, reflecting her skill, compassion, and innovation in medicine. At Virtual ER, she continues to be a leading light, guiding families as they navigate the health challenges and milestones of childhood.

Dr. Washington's goal is to ensure that Virtual ER remains at the forefront of pediatric healthcare, providing a convenient, comprehensive, and caring service that meets the unique needs of every child and family.

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