Dr. Frost

Dr. Frost

Geriatric Medicine Specialist

Expert in elderly care, enhancing senior health with innovative telehealth.

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About the doctor

Dr. Rebecca Frost is a distinguished Geriatric Medicine Specialist with a compassionate approach to the comprehensive care of the elderly at Virtual ER. Dr. Frost began her esteemed journey at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, followed by a fellowship in geriatric medicine at Johns Hopkins University, where she developed a profound understanding of the complexities associated with aging.

Joining Virtual ER in 2010, Dr. Frost brought her passion for elder care to the forefront of telemedicine, providing virtual consultations that offer seniors the ability to receive high-quality medical attention without the stress of traveling. She specializes in memory care, falls prevention, medication management, and the management of chronic diseases that commonly affect older adults.

Dr. Frost’s practice is built on the foundation of patient dignity, safety, and comfort. She advocates for a holistic approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and social aspects of aging, guiding families through the challenges and considerations of geriatric care with empathy and expertise.

Her dedication to geriatric patients extends beyond individual care into the realm of education and advocacy. Dr. Frost is an active speaker on geriatric health topics, teaching strategies to optimize the quality of life for the elderly and training healthcare providers on delivering age-appropriate care via digital platforms.

With a keen interest in the intersection of technology and geriatric medicine, Dr. Frost has been a driving force in the adoption of telehealth services for the elderly, ensuring that the latest digital resources are utilized to enhance care for her patients. Her innovative work includes developing remote monitoring programs and tele-rehabilitation services that allow for the continuous care and support of senior patients.

Recognized for her clinical excellence, Dr. Frost is not only a care provider but also a trusted advisor to many families as they navigate the golden years of their loved ones’ lives. She has received accolades for her role in improving access to geriatric care and her responsive approach to urgent health issues faced by the elderly population.

At Virtual ER, Dr. Frost emphasizes preventive care, encouraging her patients to engage in healthy lifestyle choices and routine screenings that are critical for maintaining independence and preventing the progression of age-related conditions. Her practice reflects the utmost respect for the aging process and a commitment to extending the health span of her patients.

Dr. Frost’s unwavering dedication to geriatric medicine has made her a beloved figure among her patients and a respected voice in the telehealth community. She continues to inspire with her deep commitment to enhancing the lives of senior adults through compassionate, innovative care.

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